Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Roy SE-DUCK Pants

I never thought I would want $340.00 pants but I do. Check out all those details! And all on the inside where no one would ever see. Thats the coolest. Each of these are hand sewn by the same person from start to finish! Dude!
Crazy thing is even if I did have $340 I still wouldnt be able to get any of these- they sell out in hours.
Still reading? Well check out selfedge and take a step into the obscure world of clothing production. Theres some japanese companies that bought the old antique looms from levis or whatever and are making cloth to those old specifications... which as you know, are way more stringent and better quality than todays specs and robotic looms. Anyway, definitely a weird niche of denim and cloth fanatics out there. Mostly as I said located in Japan. They totally have my attention.


JC said...

oh you're such a sucker aren't you Ian? haha.
those are cool. (just dont' get your paints on them!)

enb said...