Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ive said it plenty of times so you probably heard before, but Curry-Ya is the best meal I know of in all of New York City. Super thick, smooth textured, japanese curry, rice, with berkshire pork cutlet, and a can of cold sake. This is it. Wait- this is not it- this is me sitting on the bench outside of curry ya waiting for katie to show up for lunchz!

Friday, August 24, 2012

James Casebere: Works 1975-2010

James Casebere has been building and lighting miniature architectural caricatures since the 70s, but it wasnt until seeing this book have I come to know of his work. Pretty well known guy who has shown  alongside some of the greatest modern art photographers of his generation.
If you liked those ParaNorman sets, you will like this book.

James Casabere: Works 1975-2010
Okwui Enwezor
Damiani Publishing (Oct 31 2011)
316 Pages (HC)
11.7 x 1.3 x 11.7 inches

a little pricey for 58 bucks on amazon but worth it

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Anyone on Instagram? Kinda been my go to for posting incidental sketches. My handle there is en_b.
Ill try to post more of these on here though (by special request of Shifty over at the Sketch Shack)

Monday, August 06, 2012

The Art and Making of ParaNorman

This book snuck up on me and instantly was a huge surprise. Hold on, no surprise. Ive heard some amazing reports from friends at Laika and have followed the company for a longtime, so its no surprise that this is a fantastic-ly creative place. I guess the pleasant surprise is found with-in the book, which has this really nice, compelling Craftsmanship angle twisted into it- along with the typical character designs and background art you find in "Art of" books.
There's something particularly special about a picture of someone building a set, animating a stop motion puppet, or fabricating props that isnt found in a picture of an animator animating on a computer, or an animation wheel, or a layout, color or concept artist drawing or painting, no matter how impressive the piece of art is. The cool thing about this art and making of book is how awesome the making aspect of it is; People building cars, climbing into sets, people sewing costumes, or making wigs! Sucha great documenting of many extremely specialized and rare jobs all coming together to make something.
Super inspiring to see!
Great job you guys!
As with quite a few art books this one is on nice glossy paper which is terrible to try and reproduce, but above are a handful of my favorite pictures- There's tons more of good ones though, all looking way better than these.
A really great book for someone who loves animation art and an even better one for someone who is fascinated with fine Craftsmanship.

The Art and making of ParaNorman
Jed Ager
Chronicle Books July 25th 2012
190 Pages HC
ISBN 978-1-4521-1092-9
11 x 9.5 x .7

pretty good deal for 26 bones on amazon