Monday, January 14, 2013


Anyone on Pinterest? Previously when I found something on the internet that I liked, a website or a bit of photo reference I would put it on my Tumblr, but it was impossible to organize and catalog those things, you just post them and there they are. So I started using Pinterest which is pretty cool, I can access it anywhere and you can organize everything into folders, with those images linking back to the source, all with one button on my tool bar. Its probably 3 or 4 clicks when its all said and done but its more convenient than anything else and its free. You can make private boards now which I guess was a problem for some people but ef it mine are public and you can look at all my reference all you want.
Check it out and let me know your Pinterest handle so I can reciprocate and check some of the cool stuff your finding out there on the internet.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 1 1999-2001

I reviewed Vol 3 of this series a little in the past so here is Vol 1. It collects editorials and articles found in Japans Model Graphix magazine from Feb 1999 - Dec 2001. Im a huge HUGE fan of master Kow's design and kit bashing, so of course this volume was a must have for me- but I would recommend Vol 3 found in one of my past reviews (link here) if you're just getting into his work or just want to buy ONE of these books. They're imports and probably about $80US, which can be considered rather pricey for a book. Dont get me wrong though- this is packed with photos of Kow, his studio, Ma.K. modeling how to's, and all the awesome photographs and dioramas you would come to expect from a Ma.K. book, along with quite a lot of editorial articles all in Japanese. Like I said, it's a must have for me and I'd hazard a guess if you're checking out my art blog, a must have for you too.
I think I bought mine through Hobby Link Japan but you can also find it on Amazon or even better prices can sometimes be found on Ebay.

Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol 1 1999.2 - 2001.12
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Dai Nippon Kaiga (2011
253 pages (SC)
11.6 x 8.4 x .07 inches
ISBN-13 978-4499230476

Saturday, January 05, 2013


We were brainstorming some concepts a month or so ago and one night while using the salad spinner I sparked an idea of a spinning background viewer. The static character would be viewed through a prism onto a screen- you could select from 3 or more different backgrounds that the static character would move through by way of you pumping the salad spinner pump. You could get the background moving really fast, plus its fun just pumping those spinners as hard as you can anyways. I also thought you could put a transparent film with foreground elements; trees, telephone poles, etc and that layer would spin around infront of the static character creating a type of paralax effect. Neat idea, someday when I have a shop Ill build stuff like this... speaking of which- have you gone to the Miyazaki museum in Mitaka outside Tokyo? How were all those hand crank animation flippity machines downstairs?... and the ones with the strobes..? Ridiculously cool and satisfying to operate those things.