Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lunch Hour Speedpainting

Quick one...I need to try this spot one more time...
5x7 Oil on masonite

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Buck Institute Bust

A friend of mine and I were lunch hour speed painting at a good spot near the driveway to the Buck Institute- I just had layed in the darks and this lady pulled up and kicked us out. Lady kicked us out with fury- and said shed call the police if she saw us again. If I was within the secured gate Id understand...hell- Id understand if she wasnt so mean. I was polite and apologized, packed up and was out- she waited the whole time in her AC PT Cruiser. We set back up on the road and tried to finish. Once again- the thickness of my paint makes for poor reproductions.
5x7 oil and spite on oak panel

Friday, August 18, 2006

Afterwork Landscape

So earlier I said I was going to post all my recent landscapes, no matter how bad I thought they were- and I'll admit Ive been reluctant to do so. I painted this spot that I call "the boneyard" twice and I think Ill try a third time. Usually I paint on my lunch hour- the light is flat and doesnt change much- which works great for what Im trying to achieve...flat, almost abstract colored shapes. Recently though Ive been going afterwork, and its been pretty fun. Its givin me a chance to pay attention to a few different things that I never have to think about at lunch. Patience and Budgeting time to name a few. You really have to plan ahead- as the sun goes down things change really really fast and its been fun trying to anticipate shadows and such. You have to jump around to different spots on the painting as the light changes- and for some reason- being forced to plan- has made it easier for me to keep things simple...and ultimately get those flat shapes Ive been shooting for- but with the rich colors of the setting sun. Golden hour. The evenings in Novato continue to be warm and gorgeous. Lookin forward to painting tonight.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Artbook and Artist of the Decade

Its actually an older book- I picked it up over a year ago- and I first became aware of Steve Mumford a couple years ago through his diary. He went over to Iraq during the 2003 invasion seemingly with one plan. To draw, paint, and to witness. He arrived there early enough that perhaps you could still walk the streets of Baghdad alone in relative safety. Sketchbook and paints in hand, he wrote and drew who he met and what he saw. Its a fantastic glimpse into a world my American ass will never ever see (thanks alot Dubyah). Its EXTREMELY RARE to find an artist who is doing something no one else is doing, or will likely ever be able to do. Most of his journal postings can be found here;
or under the Mr. Steve Mumford link to the left.
But I really recommend you go out and buy this book in support of his work... not to mention just to have a well drawn and well written sketchbook of an occupied Middle East that will never ever be the same.
I tried to pull out some of my favorite sketches and paintings, very difficult cause there are so many that impact me. But here are a few.
Buy this book.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Novato Quick Study Tuesdays

I just remembered how hard it is to get a good scan with thick paint. All those hot highlights arent doing me a bit of justice. How do you get a good shot of a painting with thick paint?
Any advice?
Nice evening in Novato...It's still summer time up here.
Oil on oak panel
4.5 x 7

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nice Book: The Skillful Huntsman

Alright, so don't let his picture on the back cover fool you- this Scott Robertson guy really has something good going. I bought his first Concept Design book and I could tell there was something there. Peers at LEC were slightly unimpressed, but to me, a nicely printed hard cover book of Concept Design just seemed to be a good idea. I knew that he had put out a few more books since but I wasn't feeling pressed to buy them. So at J-Town last weekend I saw one and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up.

So- I feel like the art in the book isn't for everyone- but the consistent process and pace these 3 young lads go at under S Robertson's direction is remarkable. If anyone is interested in the creative process of visual design and concept art- I highly recommend this book- they use the same thumbnail to finish procedure across characters, props, vehicles and stuff....definitely a great text book on the creative process with plenty of colorful examples...