Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lunch Hour Speedpainting

Quick one...I need to try this spot one more time...
5x7 Oil on masonite


Jesse said...

What kind of paint are you using?

These painting are super tactile looking. I'm a fan.

enb said...

Hey Thanks Jesse-
I use winsor and newton oil paints-I mix quite a lot of Liquin into it- and have mostly been using a palette knife to apply the paint...or Ill use a flat filbert brush just like a palette knife...thin to thick- background to foreground.
Its usually dry in a day or so.
Im pretty into tactile art right now as well.
Try it out- I think the trick is to mix the paint really good.

william wray said...

Nice little paintings, they rmind me of Neco waffers. ;-)

enb said...

Hey, thanks a bunch for stoppin by!
Heh...those they even still make those?