Friday, August 18, 2006

Afterwork Landscape

So earlier I said I was going to post all my recent landscapes, no matter how bad I thought they were- and I'll admit Ive been reluctant to do so. I painted this spot that I call "the boneyard" twice and I think Ill try a third time. Usually I paint on my lunch hour- the light is flat and doesnt change much- which works great for what Im trying to achieve...flat, almost abstract colored shapes. Recently though Ive been going afterwork, and its been pretty fun. Its givin me a chance to pay attention to a few different things that I never have to think about at lunch. Patience and Budgeting time to name a few. You really have to plan ahead- as the sun goes down things change really really fast and its been fun trying to anticipate shadows and such. You have to jump around to different spots on the painting as the light changes- and for some reason- being forced to plan- has made it easier for me to keep things simple...and ultimately get those flat shapes Ive been shooting for- but with the rich colors of the setting sun. Golden hour. The evenings in Novato continue to be warm and gorgeous. Lookin forward to painting tonight.

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