Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nice Book: The Skillful Huntsman

Alright, so don't let his picture on the back cover fool you- this Scott Robertson guy really has something good going. I bought his first Concept Design book and I could tell there was something there. Peers at LEC were slightly unimpressed, but to me, a nicely printed hard cover book of Concept Design just seemed to be a good idea. I knew that he had put out a few more books since but I wasn't feeling pressed to buy them. So at J-Town last weekend I saw one and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up.

So- I feel like the art in the book isn't for everyone- but the consistent process and pace these 3 young lads go at under S Robertson's direction is remarkable. If anyone is interested in the creative process of visual design and concept art- I highly recommend this book- they use the same thumbnail to finish procedure across characters, props, vehicles and environments...cool stuff....definitely a great text book on the creative process with plenty of colorful examples...

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Armando said...

Man... I'm heading to Amazon.com right now.I have Cosmic Motors from the same publisher Design Studio Press and is friggin awesome!