Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Art of Herge; Inventor of Tintin 1907-1937

Well you guys should get ready for a full onslaught of Tintin as the new film rolls-out, Im gonna get a couple great Tintin books I have on my shelf posted before people either sour or sweeten to the property.
The book store my parents frequented had all the Tintin trade paperbacks and I spent a lot of time flipping through them as a young boy. Every cover was so compelling and the series so long and deep- it definitely captured my curiosity. They were all in French at the time so I never actually was able to read any of them, luckily Georges Prosper Remi, aka Herge, was for good reasons, a real master draftsman and story teller making for an easy pictographic read. This book has some really great early childhood drawings of his and a nice collection of non-Tintin related graphic and product design. I enjoyed seeing how Remi developed as an artist.
I understand this is a reprint form a previously released Belgium version, although the Belgium one is something like 400 pages and this one just a bit over 200 pages. A nice book to have but Im so interested in getting ahold of one of the original editions so that I could see all that missing content from the recently republished one. Anyone have any info on this?
Hope the film is

"The Art of Herge; Inventor of Tintin 1907-1937 Vol. 1"
Philippe Goddin translated by Michael Farr
Last Gasp
205pages HC

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