Monday, September 05, 2011 Website

Ive made some changes to my online presence!
Its always with great reluctance that anyone says their website is done, mine certainly isnt, but I figured out how to get it all uploaded and how to make buttons and such- AND make it all iPad friendly! Theres some pretty extensive archiving of old projects that used to be on a series of sibling art blogs to this Last Outpost blog. Ive removed the links to those and probably wont post to them anymore, so they have all basically retreated to The Last Outpost and here I will be posting art book reviews, sketchbook pages, movie reviews, Nintendo DS paintings, plein air paintings and all of that stuf, all in this one easy to keep track of spot. Did I mention its iPad friendly? I think I might have three loyal people that regularly check on the Last Outpost, (thank you), but hopefully that will start growing again with more consistent, albeit random postings.
Thanks again for stopping by!


JC said...

i likey.

enb said...

Thanks James!
Still a ways to go on it but starting to come together!

Greg Knight said...

Great Site Ian.