Monday, April 09, 2012


If I had to give up all my books except one- this is the one I would keep.
Consisting mostly of black and white sketches and marker renderings and weighing in at a massive 328 pages in a 14 x 11 format this volume is absolutely packed to the gills with some of the most notable futuristic industrial design ever to have been produced.
Tron, Aliens, Blade Runner, Short Circuit, 2010 Space Odyssey, Star Trek The Motion Picture and numerous other projects realized and not fill these pages along with countless drafts and rough sketches of many of the designs. Minimal text. This book and the set it comes in (Kronolog) are far from cheap. There's quite a few Syd Mead books out there, but if youre a fan of his and/or work in the industry, you better just buy the Kronolog set before it's completely financially out of reach. Otherwise jump on the bandwagon and just buy the Kronovecta alone. i believe they reprinted it in the early 90s and there are some reasonably priced copies floating around out there but probably not for long!

Concept Designs of Syd Mead
328 pages SC
Bandai Ltd. Publishing

ISBN-10: 0929463064
ISBN-13: 978-0929463063


Shevadele said...
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Shevadele said...

I was just about to pop my Kronovecta set on ebay and then came across your blog! If you or anyone you know is interested please let me know, I would so rather it go to someone who really knows Syd Mead's work. Cheers

en_b said...

Its a long shot but I might know one or two people that could afford it- how much were you looking to get?

Its a great set- I have two already.

You could try the artbook forum on but people that dont "know" will definitely scoff at the thought of spending so much money on a book.
Their loss!

Thanks for stopping by the blog