Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Art of Ralph McQuarrie

Here is a huge book that my good friend, super talented artist; Emmanuel Shiu gave to me as I left SF for NYC; "The Art of Ralph McQuarrie". Probably one of the most influential artists of my generation. I admit this book doesnt have everything, but theres still tons and tons of great work in there. His thumbnails are outstanding and this book is Massive!! Close to 400 pages!!!

Aside from all the excitement I have for this book as well as his legendary "Empire Strikes Back Portfolio" (this set absolutely blew me away and hung all around my bed) it's also with quite a bit of sorrow due to his recent passing earlier in the month. On a personal note, I always sensed a slight sadness in Ralph- being an artist at that level is really tough business, but he should definitely know of the infinite joy and awe he brought to me and millions of others, and really blazed the trail for an entire industry. Cheers Ralph!

Final Note- I see this is retailing for $800 on Amazon resellers but if youre motivated you can still find it new for $250, I cant see that lasting for much longer, so if youre a fan of his work, or a book collector this is a good one to get while you still can.

The Art of Ralph McQuarrie
Dreams & Visions Press
394 pages (HC+Slip case)
ISBN-10: 0979158001
ISBN-13: 978-0979158001

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