Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I AM PLASTIC TOO; The Next Generation of Designer Toys

Cheers to Paul Budnitz for following up his earlier collection of KidRobot jammers, with this 2nd volume collecting all the latest designer toys. These are both quite meaty books, with big full page photos of some great character design. A really nice addition to this volume that's not found in the first is a sprinkling of interviews here and there with a handful of the designers. A lot of these little interviews include pictures of the designer in their natural habitat- their STUDIO! Im a huge fan of seeing workspaces and CONSTANTLY fantasize about my own. Looking through these two books its apparent that there was definitely a designer toy explosion that occurred somewhere between 2006-2010 (whats that? The "ots"? The "late ots"?)
The jury is still out if that explosion continues today at the same pace- personally I cant imagine it not getting even bigger and look forward to Pauls eventual third book.
Its kinda hard for anyone not to find something they like in the world of these toys, and although Im not the biggest fan of quite a few of the most popular collectable lines, theres a whole lot in here that I really do like, and continue to draw inspiration from when considering color and character design. Good set for the shelf- get on it.

I AM PLASTIC TOO; The Next Generation of Designer Toys
Paul Budnitz
367pgs HC
Abrams Books
ISBN 10: 0-8109-5846-5

Available on Amazon. 32 bones

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