Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Art and Making of Surf's Up

Here we are, Art of Surf's Up, little bit of an older book but still probably really easy to get a hold of. Obviously I love this kind of content- any sort of surfing animation and Im on board. Im especially onboard with Mr. Paul Lassaine's paintings which Ive been enjoying since the days of Prince of Egypt.
There's so many great painting of his on his blog which you can find HERE. Sooo good. Definitely on my top 5 list of visual developers in animation and film. Hes had an amazing career.
Anyways, fun book of surfing characters and locations- not the hugest fan of the making of aspects of any art of book but the technical strides the engineering team made in creating realistic, controllable, animated CG waves is pretty remarkable, and in my eyes earns enough respect to have a place in this book.
One thing worth mentioning is all the extra inserts of post cards, dvds and other little bells and whistles they added into this book (and quite a few others, Art of Monster House, Art of Open Season, etc)- some people must like this stuff but for me I would prefer they just left it out and put the budget towards more pages or something else. It makes the book sit funny and flipping through the pages is far from smooth because it automatically flips straight to those inserts. Uhg, I hate it when they add that stuff in. But I digress and apologize for that rant. Really hard to fit all of my favorite pictures onto my book review page but here above are a handful of my favorites. Definitely check out the Paul Lassaine Art Blog for ALOT of great bits of art that are and aren't included in this book.

Surf's Up: The art and making of a true story
Cody Maverick
Insight Editions (May 15, 2007)
148 Pages (HC)
ISBN-10 1-933784-15-6
11.1 x 10.4 x 1

Almost 20 clams on Amazon

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