Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Art of Brother Bear

I will be honest, I never saw this movie. But I return to this book all the time. The background previz paintings and especially the on site ones make me drool. Im not sure if Disney still sends the Visual Developers to the actual location of the Feature to capture in real life, the look and feel of the environments the film takes place in- but they did on this one and a lot of those on location sketches and paintings are included in this book. That was the dream, at least for me, an aspiring background artist, to travel with a talented art team and draw and paint on location. Some real zingers in here from Paul Felix, Robh Ruppel, the master; Jay Xiangyuan Jie, and the rest of the team. Theres some good character work in here, but mostly you will find Backgrounds and Layouts. I saw a survey on deviant art (?) about what people like to see in an "art of book" and to my dismay, background paintings and sketches were near to the bottom. To me, although I like good character stuff, the backgrounds and layouts are by far my favorite things to look at and draw inspiration from. Everyones different though thats for sure.
Hard to believe but on amazon you apparently can buy this book used for 0.33 cents, or new for less than $6. This book is definitely worth that small cost, so go get it!

The Art of Brother Bear
H. Clark Wakabayashi
124 pages (HC)
Disney Editions
ISBN 078685420-0


Nick said...

I bought another nearly free book from Amazon the other day. In the immortal words of Scott C. what the heck, Amazon?

enb said...

Ohhh thats a great one!
Man! Nick you always have the best fantastical architecture books.
Nick P is an incredible resource you guys- turned me onto Hugh Ferris and so many other amazing architectural designers.

enb said...

also- I hope you post some images from that Antonio Sant' Elia book nick- Ill be waiting ;-)

JimmyG said...

Great tip buddy! I snagged one for 27 cents. This is worth it for Jay Xiangyuan Jie's work alone IMHO.