Monday, October 03, 2011

Andrew Loomis and Figure Drawing

Listen, there are a ton of figure drawing books out there. More than a ton. But you just want one really good one right? Well maybe not but all I want is one and that one used to be a raggedy photocopied stack of papers Lee Ballard ran off for me in the fine arts department office. The book copied was: "Figure Drawing For All Its Worth" by Andrew Loomis, and it had been out of print for years. We were art students and there was no way any of us could afford that book, but check it out! They reprinted it! I think I got mine for $16 on amazon, I think its costs about $26 new now but its still a steal for this super informative volume of figure drawing and figure drawing techniques. Everythings in here, proportions, fore shortening, values, poses, lighting, and more- everything you need to know about figure drawing and more. Still dont believe me? Check out the reviews from artists you might believe, such as Alex Ross or Norman Rockwell. Yes, Norman Rockwell- I told you this book was old! So if you need a figure drawing book this one is the one, way better than Bridgeman or anything else I have ever come across.

Figure Drawing For All It's Worth
Andrew Loomis
204pg (HC)
Titan Books
ISBN 9780857680983

Availability: Amazon USA


JC said...

i concur Ian. it's one of the best and most simple books out there on the subject. i dont have a copy, but it's worth adding to the library.
i love these book reviews, keep them coming!

enb said...

Its true. The one Book to rule all figure drawing books. Keep an eye on amazon- like I said I found it there for $16.
Thanks for your support James!