Monday, January 08, 2007

Tropical Shoreline

A layout test from late last fall. Been enjoying just painting values lately.

I think it was Sergent who suggested to only use 5 values; 3 darks, and 2 lights, plus a few incidental highlights and dark accents.


JC said...

nice mr. berry. ah, i get to be the first! hehe.
how are enjoying married life these days??
i bet it's good.

enb said...

Yes- being married is definitely under-rated.
At the same time, my life is much the same- so clearly all those stories- make that fables, about women throwing themselves at a man wearing a wedding ring were a complete ruse, most likely performed by the Debeers Family and the Wedding industry in general. If it wasnt for such a great woman, Id probably feel manipulated...

Crawlspace said...

That's digital, right?

mackenzie said...

Hey Ian,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is looking really great! Seeing your landscape paintings bring back fond memories of the bay area and the lunch time painting sessions. You've perfectly capture the light and color of Marin county.
I'm glad that married life is going well for you. I'm right behind you.

enb said...

Yahp. Its digital.
Broadstreet blog gave me a good PS tip where you can block in colors really fast; if you do a value study- then ontop of that- have a layer set to color and block it all in! Then if you import it into a paint program you already have a good start on your painting-
Thanks for the tip Robh!
Funny that I didnt know that (among many other photoshop techniques Im sure) considering how much Ive used the program.

enb said...

Hey Bob- yah- I miss those days with You, Dice, Nathan, Jun, and Christian as well- and obviously Im still chasing that ghost. Found some really great spots just recently out towards the Nicasio resevoir- It's so green and rolly out there right now- with long winter shadows even at lunch, gorgeous!
Thanks for stopping by-