Friday, January 26, 2007

Title Page

I've nothing to show lately that Im really that happy about... perhaps its the sudden deluge of rain.

One thing though that I never posted was the spread in the GD magazine from last month... They cropped this image down further and used it in a couple other cool ways on some additional pages. Out of all the art they could of used Im glad they used this one-


JC said...

is this your piece mr. berry?? nice, even if it's not. =0)

enb said...

Hey thanks!
yup JC it tis- It tis- The actual concept appears somewhere earlier in my past postings of '06.
Ironicaly I think we may have been threatened with a lawsuit by the owners of the license with that cover I did- you know licenses...Anyways- I suspect in the case with that cover spot, it was "easier to ask for forgiveness than it would of been to ask for permission", a saying I recently picked up from my Wife. So true so true.

JC said...

very cool! always nice to get work published!
yes, asking for forgiveness is is getting it. =0)

bajel said...