Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tablet PC First Sketches

Just started workin with the Tablet- here are a couple prop sketches I made to test out the software... I really like working on to be able to use a light marker over a dark underdrawing and still have it be opaque or semi opaque- lots of control- very simple interface. I hope alias comes out with a similiar paint program-because the brush editor leaves a lot to be desired. Still really great for sketching.


bookartist said...

Hey. Neat sketches. I'm a high school art teacher in NJ whose art department was recently granted tablets and software. None of us have a ton of experience with them, and our repetoire will grow over time, but we are always looking for suggestions on incorporating authentic uses (not just substitutions) for the technologies inthe classroom. what is the nature of your work? tablets for fun? professionally? both?

enb said...

Hey- cool! Thanks! It would help if I knew what kind of software you were thinking of running on these- I'd be happy to give you some suggestions for activities- also- sometime soon I will post a description of the process I go through to do the sketches-
As Ive said before- that Alias sketchbook pro software works really good. One thing I particularly like about it is how there are only a few things you can actually do with it (pencil tool, pen tool, paintbrush and an eraser- (there's also a selection tool and you can use multiple layers)) versus something like Photoshop or Painter where there are a million things you can potentialy do. Very simple to use and teach- and for me its been fun showing the technology to friends who arent all that technical. Being able to write, draw and paint with the pen seems to disarm those who can be intimidated by mice and tons of complex menus and commands. This thing you just do what you do with a pencil and a sheet of paper- but you can cut, copy, and paste onto multiple layers...and paint above and below the layer that your drawing is on (like a coloring book). Lots of control- if you mess up you can undo- and also you can try out different variations without compromising the portions of the art you really like or need to keep. I dont think that this tool is really that groundbreaking- or anything entirely new to digital design, but I bet kids will really take to it for creating art. Prior to this Ive used a wacom tablet (I still do with my workstation) but there are many times when I feel there is a kind of disconnect because your hand is moving over here while you watch the cursor that your hand controls over there... working with the wacom just isnt as accurate as working with the tablet- atleast for some things.
Anyhow, although I said its not groundbreaking- its still what everyone will be using in the coming its definitely an aggressive and obvious next step in the evolution of digital inputs sure this big wacom I currently have at my desk now will be a dinosaur in no time...
Oh- last thing- I really admire your job- sounds like youre at a great school- and I think teaching the kids art with these tablets as a tool will be extremely useful for their artistic futures.