Monday, July 10, 2006

Stupidest tag ever

Someone tagged my house in 2 places. Normally, I can appreciate a decent tag. In fact- see that little black square on the top picture? That used to be a tag- and it was alright- Good letters, nice tip control. I left it until Snaggletooth Ray, the creepy critter that lives in a shack down the alley got to it. Ray, is on a crusade you see- a crusade against taggers- he fills petitions, goes to cityhall meetings and probably heads the taskforce against tagging in SF. Guy doesnt even have a bathroom in his shack, but he's out in cityhall battling vandalism. Anyways- Raymond got to that tag- thats why its covered in black paint. He says once a tag goes up- the only way to stop further tagging is to cover it over immediately. I wasnt bothering with covering it up, so he took the liberty to do it himself.
This psychedelic duck or whatever the hell it is, is poorly executed BKF. Piss-poor. Stop tagging. Go home to where you belong. Play that Marc Ecko game. Buy a sketchbook and practice. Stop sniffin glue.


bajel said...

wow, that thing is ugly..

scottc said...

heh heh. funny, dude. but man, i remember back at clara street people used to tag our garage door all the time and we were kind of into it because it made it kind of punk rock looking. our door. but every time those do-gooder guys would come by and paint over it in a brown color. and that looked pretty ugly too. isnt that kind of tagging over the other tag in a way? chew on that! for a bit!

enb said...

I dunno- maybe Im getting old- but when youre a home owner and people start painting bad, thoughtless tags on your place, and lurking about in the alley and near your door stoop at all hours...all that pop culture edgy coolness that can be graffitti melts away real fast. Again- if it was a nice tag- id be much more forgiving-