Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art of Elysium

Ahh Elysium, where do I start- well this art book is probably one of the best of 2013- the preproduction of this movie was so bad ass- I was pulling my hair out in excitement and then I dont know what happened. Blomkamp shoulda stuck to his guns cause this movie was on the verge of groundbreaking, but once it was executed the original idea, the original brilliance was unfortunatley completely lost. Odd because that wasnt the case with District 9- Id imagine the pressures of the people with the money are unimaginable- and sadly Elysium became one of my biggest disappointments of the decade. 

But Good News!!! The Art of Book documents the all the awesomeness of the Blomkamp project. An East LA flavella and futuristic, genetic Santeria following MS13 gangsters, Cybernetic SWAT teams and that crazy Safa guy from District 9 all hulked up and psychotic looking flying around in an awesome dropship with his commando team. They pulled in Syd Meads studio in who developed the off planet satellite gated community which I didnt include in any of my favorite shots above because most of them were 2 page spreads and Im always reluctant to try and capture an image on a spread. Those designs are almost entirely 3D as well, it would be really super to see the original sketches- but its some of my favorite 3D designing to date. So much cool stuff to look at in this book- gang tatoos, guns, corporate logos etc etc.
Such a refreshing take of Sci-Fi, so if youre a fan, definitely, DEFINITELY get this book.

Art of Elysium
Mark Salisbury
Titan Books (August 6, 2013)
176 Pages HC
ISBN-10 1781162476
ISBN-13 978-1781162477
11 x 12 x .08

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