Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sketching tugs at South St. Seaport

I've been trying out the video recording feature on Instagram to record some sketching. It doesnt always work out because you need to get it right all in basically one take, but I imagine it's super satisfying when you nail it.
Anyone recording any sort of sequential art on instagram? Give it a shot and send me a link!

 Starting out with everything you need and a nice location is the first step.

Some blue pencil action,

Drop a quick in a quick value with a watered down brush pen,

Ink it with a .5 Hightec,
Another value over the top letting that ink layer bleed.

Erase the blue pencil and lay in a background,

...a little white goauche and done!
10-15 minutes.


Shifty said...

Pretty cool, Daddy-O.

Anna Howell said...

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