Wednesday, July 04, 2012


There are so many Moebius books out there but this has to be my personal favorites (definitely my fave of all the Blueberry series), and a book Ive never seen in any colleagues collections or anywhere at all; "Blueberry's" from Stardom press 1997. Best I can make out is its a book of paintings (Watercolor, Acrylic, Pen and Ink), posters and two page spreads from the iconic western series. Also in here is the short, wordless tale "Three Black Birds". Thats one of my favorite things about this book- no text on the cover- that is so bad ass when they do that. PIXAR recently did it with their color script book and its something I always take great delight in seeing. So I doubt you will ever find this book but if you do, better grab it! I have no idea how much it even goes for now a days- my internet search on it was pretty inconclusive- but again, here are a handful of my favorite pages for you to enjoy- Bon Appetite!

Jean Giraud, Jean Michel Charlier
Stardom (1997)
80 pages (HC)
ISBN: 2908706-02-7
11.33 x 9.5 x .33

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