Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Burnt on Thanksgiving

I was killing some time right before Thanksgiving and seeing how, of course, Thanksgiving was a trending topic and people were commenting on our favorite of holidays. Well, besides food, when I think of Thanksgiving fondness, I think about always surfing with my dad before eating. There were always good waves on Thanksgiving when I was a yout. So here's a little Thanksgiving scenery from my many memories of surfing those days.
Notice my dad burning me on that wave- that dirty dog! Hahaha- no you guys- seriously, surfing a wave with your dad is one of the funnest things.
Extra points for anyone who recognizes that surf spot.


Urchinator said...

Haha, the van is so cute! Hooray for coastal Thanksgivings! We feed seagulls leftover dinner rolls back home in Biloxi :)

R.Dress said...

Ian this is so cool. I dig the fact you went surfing with your dad on thanksgiving all by it self. I'm glad to you know some one as unique as you. Happy Holidays man.

Tinkerer said...

Pleasure Point?

Armando said...

Man, these are awesome!