Monday, March 08, 2010

Secret of Kells screening

Late last week I went to a screening of "The Secret of Kells" (trailer), the latest animated feature from director Tomm Moore. The film has won a handful of awards including the audience choice award at the 2009 Annecy, as well as a nomination for best animated feature for the 82nd Academy Awards. It has also been selling out all of its shows here in New York and apparently has made the highest weekend gross ever at the IFC Theater in the West Village. Not bad for an animated film!!
I must say I really liked this movie! It had a marvelous, unusual visual style, lots of flat graphic shapes, lots of textures.
It takes place near by and within the walls of the medieval abbey of Kells. The Abbot's nephew, Bendan, longs to work in the scriptorium with the rest of the monks illustrating illuminations for the abbey's manuscripts, and when a mysterious and talented monk arrives, Brendan attempts to uncover the ancient pagan secrets of Cromm CrĂșaich that lie outside the walls of the city and ultimately becoming a gifted illuminator himself. Even if it means breaking the wishes of his Uncle the Abbot, who is continually obsessed with the completion of the city walls and the threat of the approaching Northern invaders.
I thought the animations were very fitting, and that the feel and uniqueness of old Ireland really shown through the entire production, which im sure was one of many a goal of the Irish team that developed it.
I really cant recommend this film enough.
The director and comic book illustrator, Tomm Moore kept a really nice blog/journal throughout the entire process called the blog of Kells
Also, here is a nice interview of Tomm on GhibliWorld
I believe there will be a theater release of this movie in the US early March.
This is clearly the best film Ive seen so far the 2010 NYICFF


JC said...

wow that looks so beautiful! i've been studying various artists in an attempt to incorporate more graphical/textural elements into my own work - and this is inspiring. i hope to see the film here in Vancouver. thanks Ian...nice recommendation.

enb said...

Thanks for checking out and commenting on my humble film review JC!

chwanger said...

I've been wanting to see this! Now, more than ever...glad you posted about it! :)

Armando said...

Looks cool. Check out Logorama if you haven't done so yet, it is a funny short.

enb said...

totally need to see the logorama
james its on netflix so you should be able to see it- I know you have a nice tv so it should be a pleasure.

Marcos Mateu said...

Beautiful movie, I agree!