Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New Year, New Box; Alla Prima Pochade!

My Alla Prima Pochade came in the mail the other day- Ben Hagget, an avid plein air painter himself, builds these in his shop, and I must say it's suuper nice. Lots of clever design solutions. The palette setup is a little different than what Im used to, but hopefully having my raw paint and my mixing paint in completely different areas will make my colors at least a little less muddy. The thing I like best is the wet canvas storage in the lid- not that I ever could paint so much, but I think I could store up to 8 wet panels in there if I needed to. Awesome!
Got to the painting workshop really late the other night, but I think the new box setup is gonna work out well.
Check out Ben's site http://allaprimapochade.com
I got the bigger Yellowstone model because I need as much palette space as possible- but all three sizes are amazing bits of craftsmanship. Thanks to JimmyG for referring me to Ben's Alla Prima Pochades!


Gerald de Dios said...

Hey - new toy! That's looks like a great set up.

JimmyG said...

Oh man! I loved your old Frenchie, but really... welcome to the 21st century!! ; ) I just had Ben (such a nice guy isn't he?) do a custom 6x8 for me, sort of a Belly River "lite" to replace that crappy little Julian thing I was experimenting with. Can't wait til it gets here, but apparently SOMEONE was ahead of me in line ; ). Hey, are you under snow? If so, I really wanna see some snow paintings from ya. Great figure painting ya got there, and congrats again on the new box!

Jesse said...

So, does that thing work with any tri-pod? And I gotta ask, what kind of brushes are you using, those look suspiciously like escoda.

enb said...

Hey thanks guys-
Yah Jesse!- its just a regular photo tripod plate that is built into the bottom of the box. I bought a quick release adapter plate for the tripod itself. Usually the plate, or what they call the tripod head, has a ball joint on it and all kinds of adjusters for positioning your camera, but since I dont need it to be anything more than just flat, I skipped buying a head and just got the flat adapter plate. This worked out nice for two reasons, one its way, WAY lighter not having all the unnecessary hardware to carry around- and also, although the box isnt that heavy, its heavy enough to put stress on that ball head joint that it causes it to not stay very steady and or just flop forward. The flat plate is super light and solid/secure.
Also- yup, those are definitely escoda brushes- Im really new to painting but these brushes are the first brushes Ive come across that I really like.

Jesse said...

Escoda are my absolute favorites. I almost wont use anything else. For acrylic anyway, I haven't found any other brush maker that hold a candle to them

emmanuel said...

cool dude! How are you doing man? Haven't talked to you in ages!