Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Last Outpost Art Blog!

Today marks the 3rd year of posts to the Last Outpost! Happy Birthday! This third year, one of my favorite numbers, will be commemorated with a repost of my very first post- looks like I was just getting back from an amazing trip to Italy! The little town of Treviso we stayed in remaining one of my favorite places in the entire world.


JimmyG said...

Happy B-Day! Love the perspective in those little sketches!

Armando said...
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Armando said...

¡Felíz Cumpleaños Al Puesto Avanzado! These are pretty cool.

c.g.young said...

Fantastic stuff Ian,
thanks for the comment on my site.
Long ime no see. :)

I'm leaving inspired by all your great stuff!, but I'll be back for more soon.


José said...


Congratulations upon your blog's anniversary.
One day I would also like to visit Italy, namely Tuscany, including Florence and Umbria region.
And Rome of course.
I guess that all of Italy is worth visiting.

Best regards,