Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went out to Governors island last weekend with SCampbsos and the ferry over there docks underneath this awesome structure that I just couldnt help imagining as a workshop/studio, (one of my favorite things to fantasize about). Figured I sketch it out from my memory- since its all old tyme jules verney looking- I gave it a steampunk prop/pedestrian- still need to work out that robot a bit better but I sure would like to move into that overhead shop.


JC said...

hey Ian - i love how your paintings always look so weighty. that's tuff to do, given so many people do the "guoache style painting", DS or not, and dont have that. wish i was out there learning from you.

GIPEC said...

The staff of the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation, who run Governors Island, saw your painting and loved it! We are all fond of the red gantry and enjoy your vision of it. Any chance you would be willing to send us a high res copy? We have a small, but growing, collection of island images from our visitors and we would love to include yours.
Claire Kelly

enb said...

Hi Claire.
That is super flattering and Id be honored to be included in your collection.

R.Dress said...

Wow man these last several paintings are really kicking ass. I agree about this structure. It would make a cool studio space. There are some cool structures like this along the west side highway that bare similar characteristics.

enb said...

thanks for the inspiring compliment Robert! As you can imagine, it really helps me keep em coming- thanks!!