Friday, February 22, 2008

Nintendo DS Madness continues

Still kinda stuck on doodling with the DS. The interface and size of it makes it so easy to work with. Also it's really encouraging to work with more color- Ive been striving to get more graphic shapes onto the page, and its so much easier when you have quick access to a full palette of color and value to break the page up with. Also- its actually its nice to not have an undo button- that button is the greatest- but its really no help...


Joshua James said...

Hey Ian!

I had lunch with Greg Knight the other day and he told me I Had' to get this. I just found the right cards to buy..can't wait! Keep em' coming! ^ ^

enb said...

cool thanks jtj.
yeah- get that paint program- things the greatest- not sure if I need a tablet pc now with that little guy.