Monday, January 14, 2008

Heads, Cars, and Buildings

Would like to take this cityscape a few more steps forward....maybe... I like that sketch.
More sketchbook art can be found by clicking the sketchbook link to the right.


IRene said...

I wish I can do more sketch too~~!

enb said...

Thanks IR
Just get out there!
Once you start you cant stop!!

JC said...

hey Enb,

i tell ya, everytime i see your building's and stuff - it makes me want to get off my arse and start hitting that weakness of mine! off to singapore for a few months - hopefully i'll start there!
cheers old friend!

R.Dress said...

Great Great Great drawings as always.
When you have some time,,,,


iRabbit said...

Really enjoy your stuff...
I saw your comment in another's persons blog and was wondering if you ever received your ModBook?

enb said...

Thanks Robert- both for commenting and for the kind words, its always peculiar to realize people actually do look at these blogs- that guy from your link is incredible, amazing patience and memory. Ive seen his work a few times, and I like the idea of a big city on a big piece of paper.
Hi Amy- nope- no modbook. been waiting for a year now. I think its a great product but its been such a weird and mysterious process trying to get one. I cant help but sometimes feel suspicious about it all.

Hope to see some singapore sketches- drop me an email someday and let me know whats going on out there, including all the delicious food Im sure youre enjoying there-