Wednesday, August 01, 2007

4th of July

Escaped the SF summer heat and went with a cast of characters to the Russian River for the holiday. Got a quick landscape in while nearly everyone was canoeing down the second half of the river.
5x7 oil on oak panel


Jeff Murchie said... are sick. Man....I can't believe how awesome your color is!! All I remember were your prisma color grey marker concepts (which were sweet as well)!! ...Yeah, the cintiq is awesome. I'll e-mail you a more detailed review after work. Peace!

enb said...

ahhhh, thanks Jeff- Dont be fooled though- the great outdoors of California gives me all the colors-I just copy them!

berr art said...

Buddy, best color ive seen you do ever, i like it....pop

Jeff Murchie said... make it sound so easy!! There is a difference between copying the color in your surroundings and understanding them....and you my friend, understand them:)

jesse said...

Cheers enb.
Loving your oil landscapes.. making me feel lazy, haha.

JC said...

that's beautiful Ian. good luck and good fortunes in NYC.

bajel said...

what no NYC updates?

Ramses said...

Fantastic art work!

littlebird said...

this is so stunning! it made my heart go pitterpat. happy new year to you both.


ps. if you ever get the hankering to paint a Bobcat backhoe, send me a copy! it is a favorite of all time.