Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freedom To Teach Impulse Buy

My Anatomical man came this week and its really cool. Actually, its really big. Was kinda weird and creepy at first, but over the past few days its really grown on me- makes studying anatomy easy- just cause its so much fun to look at it. I hope they keep making more of these.
Theres a couple versions and although I think the flat gray one is more practical cause you can see the masses easier- the colored one, even though a bit distracting is fun to look at- and I realize the benefit of being able to see the seperation from bone to fascia to muscle. Id say just treat yourself and get the colored.


JC said...

man, that thing is detailed!! i gotta get myself one! all i have is a skull, and a cheap DareDevil figurine! =0)
where' did you get it??

enb said...

yah jc- youd dig this thing- freedom to teach dot com
I heard theyre working on the female figure as we speak-