Monday, December 18, 2006

Magazine cover

So I got to do my first magazine cover, which ironically comes out on my Birthday, Jan 17, 2007.
There it is, all small on the GD website.
(just replaced it with a bigger one)
They changed the sizes of some elements, flipped the composition, painted in a trophy base, and I'm still pretty excited about it. We tried to give them just flattened art, but eventually they asked for all the layers seperated... and so that was that. Always healthy to let go of your work.


kcdot said...

EN - congrats on the cover! Wahoo! Been following your work off of Scott's blog for a while - who was the amazing Architect you checked out many months ago? Trying to show my students her work... How do I find you? It's KC, from Learning! Where are you living/working? Can you send me your email?

Hoep to hear form you!

JC Chiang said...

Mr. Berry!
congratulations on the cover. Wow!
luv checking in.