Monday, October 02, 2006

When does a pattern become a trend?

Just returned from my "Luna-Miele" and I didnt paint as much as I wanted to- infact, I painted one time before I determined it was just too dang hot to do anything but sit in the shade, drink beer, read books and nap.
Ive read a bunches of William Gibson since the late 80's and would definitely consider myself a fan- but, I wasnt prepared to how good this last book he wrote would be- so if youre looking for a good one- here yah go.
It's definitely a hard science fiction story if youre familiar with the term- Takes place during our present day and addresses some fascinating issues with the world of advertising and marketing. William Gibson has coined some of todays more notorious "cyber" terms and hes one of those Arthur C Clarke types who make rather accurate and enlightened predictions on the technologies and trends of the near future. A really good read. Four stars.


bajel said...

damn, your smart..

enb said...

I must say that this book didnt really end as good as it started- but for a while- It was pretty good.